Day Three

by Aidanne MacDonald-Milewski


Today was day three for me at the Ness of Brodgar! I must say my wrists and knees are sore but that means I've made progress!

Yesterday I spent the whole day cleaning the surface of a strip of trench t, which means I removed about a quarter inch at a time. Today I actually got to dig a bit deeper, so I was able to remove closer to one inch at a time! The context (or soil layer in which we're working) is a midden layer where I've been finding cool things like bird and fish bones as well as small deposits of charcoal. One of my peers found a stone spatula yesterday, so hopefully I will be able to find a Neolithic tool at some point as well! Tomorrow I get to work in the flotation lab, where I will be separating the organic materials from different soil samples! I have heard it's a messy process, to which I say bring it on! I have my waterproofs.

My trowel continues to serve me well and the weather was beautiful today in Orkney so I couldn't be a happier camper!