The Saint Andrew’s Society of the City of Milwaukee grew out of a desire among local Scots to unite for benevolent purposes, and to establish a framework for social and cultural activities. The first steps in this direction were taken on March 24, 1847 when Alexander Mitchell rallied the local Scottish community to raise funds for the relief of famine victims in Scotland.

The Society was founded on January 25, 1859. The preamble to the constitution of the Society indicated that the principal cause of the Society at that time was benevolence, as declared by the words “To afford relief to natives of Scotland and their descendants who might be in reduced circumstances and in need of help.”

Today our benevolence is directed primarily towards the local community, with priority consideration given to:

  1. Members of the Saint Andrew’s Society of the City of Milwaukee
  2. Individuals from the Scottish/Celtic community in the Milwaukee Area 
  3. Individuals from the Scottish/Celtic community for the State of Wisconsin
  4. Others as identified

In addition to providing financial aid, we also engage in volunteer efforts, like serving food at the Ronald McDonald House and ringing bells for the Salvation Army. We are working to increase our volunteer involvement and to engage our membership as opportunities arise.

If you have an idea, a suggestion, a need, or are a member looking to help in our relief efforts, please contact us at