The Ian Day Education Scholarship

Saint Andrew’s Society of the City of Milwaukee grew out of a desire among local Scots to unite for benevolent purposes, and to establish a framework for social and cultural activities. The first steps in this direction were taken on March 24, 1847 when Alexander Mitchell rallied the local Scottish community to raise funds for the relief of famine victims in Scotland. The Society was founded on January 25, 1859. The preamble to the constitution of the Society indicated that the principal cause of the Society at that time was
benevolence, as declared by the words “To afford relief to natives of Scotland and their descendants who might be in reduced circumstances and in need of help.”

Saint Andrew's Society of the City of Milwaukee continues this tradition of supporting activities that enrich the educational, social and cultural traditions of Scotland by the establishment of the Ian Day Education Scholarship. Mr. Ian Day, a native of Scotland, is a long-time member of the society serving in many
capacities: president of the society, a trustee, our Robert Burns scholar and the “heart and soul” of our society. We are proud to honor his dedication to the culture of his homeland with this scholarship(s).


Applications are accepted from Individuals ONLY, and not from organizations.

The Ian Day Education scholarship(s) is open to applicants who reside in the state of Wisconsin. Preference is given to those who are members of Saint Andrew's Society of the City of Milwaukee, (SAS) or whose spouses, parents or grandparents are members of SAS. Other applicants who are active members in other Wisconsin Scottish organizations including cultural groups, bands and dance groups and/or those with Scottish clan or family affiliation residing in the state of Wisconsin may also apply. An individual Ian Day Education scholarship of Saint Andrew’s Society of the City of Milwaukee may not exceed $1000. A recipient of an Ian Day Education Scholarship of the St. Andrew's Society of the City of Milwaukee may only apply again for another scholarship 2 full years after the year in which the scholarship was received. (i.e. scholarship received in 2019 by a recipient who may then apply again in 2021.)

Types of Scholarships

The executive board may approve any request for scholarship based on review of the application that they determine is merited. The board will consider any course of study that revolves around Scotland, her people, her art, her history, or her culture in deciding whether to grant any scholarship.

  • Education: The society may award an education scholarship(s) to applicant(s) enrolled as matriculating undergraduate or graduate students as well as high school students and adults who are interested in an educational course in Scotland: her people, her art, her history, or her culture. Education is not solely defined as a school of higher learning.

  • Music: The society may award a music instruction/education scholarship(s) to an applicant(s) who is a member of a Wisconsin Scottish band, pipe band or dance group who is seeking additional instruction in their particular art. This includes, but is not limited to, pipers, drummers, dancers (highland and country), and fiddlers. Irish dancers will be considered only if their family meets the Saint Andrew's Society membership requirement listed above.

Application Timelines

Applications are only being accepted, starting on October 1 each year, for studies to be undertaken in the calendar year following the December 1 deadline.

  • October 1st: The information and application for the Ian Day Education Scholarship from Saint Andrew's Society of the City of Milwaukee will be sent to all members of the society, to local universities and Scottish organizations, and will be made available in printable PDF form on the Saint Andrew's Society of the City of Milwaukee website. To download a copy of the application click here.

  • December 1st: The post-marked deadline for all applications to be submitted in written form to the society. We do not accept online applications. The address to submit applications is:

Scholarship Committee
Saint Andrew's Society of the City of Milwaukee
PO Box 210288
Milwaukee WI 53221-8005

  • May (second Monday): The executive board of Saint Andrew's Society of the City of Milwaukee will make an announcement at the May members' meeting.