First Day at the Ness of Brodgar

by Aidanne MacDonald-Milewski


Today was my first day of excavating at the Ness of Brodgar! After getting our equipment, we learned how to log our findings, both small scale and general, and we also got a tour of the site and insight into its potential functions. The site is broken up into trench p and t. Neither trench likely served as a permanent residential space. When given the tour of tench p, we learned that it was likely a gathering space for either trade, meetings or religious purposes. After the tour of trench p, we moved onto trench t, where there is currently a large mound of rocks and some subterranean standing stones. It is still in question whether or not there was a series of standing stones lining the path to trench p or if the stones were randomly freestanding. Also in question is the purpose of the mound of stones adjoining these subterranean standing stones. Today I was working in trench T! If I find something (like a bone, pottery shard or carved stone) you will be hearing about it!! Also, trowels are key to a successful excavation!